Peter Maurin’s vision for the Catholic Worker, an idea whose time has come When I met Dorothy Day after arriving in New York City in 1975, I was 19 years old and she was 78 and the only thing that impressed her about me was that I had read Bread and Wine, a novel by […]

It was great to meet Eagle Spits and his partner Rachel again at the Faith and Resistance conference in London last weekend. (See post no. 745 for a taste of the subversive fare that was served up there.) It was a pity the organisers didn’t ask Eagle to sing, instead of trying to get us […]

A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the blog which says exactly what it thinks about the church with no holds barred. Criticism where due and praise where praise is due. ‘Practical Christianity’ is a series of Posts on the Zingcreed blog outlining positive things some Christians have done to make our world a better place. Two […]

At the recent London Radical Book Fair, which I attended for the first time this year, I specifically looked for books on Christianity and politics. All the major radical publishers had stalls (Pluto, Verso) and a few campaign groups and booksellers. It wasn’t as big as the annual London Anarchist Bookfair (10 am-7 pm, 28 […]

Over 50 Christians pledge nonviolent action for justice and peace By agency reporter JULY 10, 2017 Over fifty Christians have pledged to take nonviolent direct action for the sake of justice and peace, even when that means risking arrest. The activists, of all denominations and from all parts of the country, campaign on issues of […]

There’s so much going on in the UK at the moment, i.e. June and July 2017. A lot of it involves the Christian religion, politics and gay issues, and I wish I had time to give a more detailed analysis of what’s going on – from the Zingcreed perspective you might say; but I’ve got […]

A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the unique Christian-atheist blog that tells you things about Christianity you never knew before. In the UK we don’t take Lent, the time leading up to Easter, very seriously; the Church of England in particular is very wishy-washy about things like that. For instance when I was a kid at […]