Introduction by Peter Turner (Zingcreed) “This is just one of a series of Zingcreed posts chronicling the massive changes occurring in the world of American evangelicalism. I’m  learning a lot by compiling it, and being inspired by how untrained amateur theologians (like I am) can use their blogs  to ferment change in the church. Canadian […]

How Rachel Held Evans became the most polarizing woman in evangelicalism Introduction by Peter Turner (Zingcreed) “This post, which I lifted from a back issue of the Washington Post, is the fourth in a row on people who once occupied the central ground of American evangelicalism but who now  are ‘beyond the pale’. Unlike David […]

 Introduction by Peter Turner (Zingcreed) “Like the white males in the two previous posts (David Gushee and Rob Bell), Brian McLaren is a, publicly, “former” US evangelical.  At one time these were all regarded as bright lights of younger evangelicalism.  All of them have tried to moderate  those aspects of evangelicalism that are responsible for […]

Pastor Rob Bell: What if Hell Doesn’t Exist? Rogue pastor Rob Bell’s argument about salvation and judgment has Evangelicals in a fury — and a young generation rethinking Jesus By Jon Meacham Thursday, Apr. 14, 2011, Time magazine. Forword by Peter Turner (Zingcreed) “This is one post among several that I am running on Zingcreed […]

  Why all the grandeur for Graham? by Alan Webber Mar 6, 2018 Billy Graham is shown at a press conference in New York on June 21, 2005. The evangelist died Wednesday at age 99. The Rev. Billy Graham passed away Feb. 21 in North Carolina at the advanced age of 99. What passes for […]

Introduction by Peter Turner (Zingcreed) “American evangelicalism is in steep decline: the proportion of white Americans who identify as evangelical has fallen from 23% of the population in 2006 to 17% in 2016. Furthermore evangelicalism is aging: only 8% of whites ages 18-29, versus 26% over 65 identify as evangelicals. Current trends, then, suggest that […]

Billy  Graham, the renowned American evangelical preacher, has just died at the age of 99.  I have already chronicled the vicious anti-semitism of this southern Baptist in post 769. To his credit it must be said that when the tapes of his anti-Jewish conversations with President Richard Nixon were released he was deeply embarrassed and […]