Today I discovered a rich motherlode of Catholic nonsense to mine. It’s called “Sacramentals” and I hope to expose the more entertaining examples in Zingcreed’s Laugh Out Loud series 0ver the next few months. Sacramentals are objects like statues, medals or crosses which are deemed to be holy (whatever that means.) It’s all in Ann […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the blog which tries to understand religious activities and sometimes fails. Fasting is a case in point. I’ve never fasted and don’t intend to do so any time soon – I like my food too much! I’ve been reading about Lent, Ramadan and Hindu fasting as well. I’m not going […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the Christian/atheist blog that considers life and religion in all its manifestations. Whirling dervishes, with their acts of worship consisting of a fast spinning dance, have always seemed special to me. Their ecstatic expression of faith reminds me of the trances I saw worshippers go into at the voodoo ceremonies […]

The world’s most evil Christians, a new Zingcreed series by Peter Turner. Whether in the Vatican or the Ku Klux Klan, the guilty will be named and the victims will be mourned. No original research has been involved, as all the information is in the public domain already. I shall simply be bringing together the […]

“Such is Life!: A close encounter with Ecclesiastes” by Lloyd Geering, Pollbridge Press (2009) Reviewed by Peter Turner New Zealander Lloyd Geering is a familiar figure to those of us exploring ┬áthe boundaries where Christianity meets atheism. Although an ordained minister in the Presbyterian church, he has been charged by them with doctrinal error and […]

“There is more concern about chickens on a poultry farm in Alabama than for children.” “The Jesus Gulag.” “A Christian school for troubled youth was supposed to treat teens for drug addiction and mental health problems. But its extreme, fundamentalist program trapped them in a brutal world of forced nudity and brutal beatings.” “The school […]

Giving up meat for Lent and eating fish instead is meant to be a positive and respectful act, a tradition followed by Catholics and others around the world. It is a mindful act that honours creation or existence whatever that may mean according to your own understanding. Unfortunately there aren’t enough fish in the sea […]