This is Zingcreed’s fourth ‘Question for all Christians.’ The others are listed below. So far there has not been a rush by believers to respond – you could be the first! Today’s question is about motivation. Assuming your faith makes you a better person, a good person, then why is that? What is the mechanism […]

Once again the church makes itself a laughing stock by its actions. It doesn’t need outsiders to mock it, as it can make a fool of itself perfectly well without any outside assistance whatever. ┬áToday’s example of the church shooting itself in the foot comes from the Benedictine College in Kansas where yoga classes have […]

I am writing this in May 2017, shortly before a UK general election. It is not my aim to side with one party or another, or to contribute massively to the debate on whether UK taxes should go fund our hospitals our army or overseas famine spots. As someone who has taken the excellent Open […]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the world’s only Christian/atheist blog. Like Jeremy Corbyn I spend my weekends digging my allotment. We grow loads of veg. and put a lot of it in the freezer (e.g. beans) for future use. I usually have my DAB radio on for company and heard an ad on Premier Christian […]

Zingcreed is an un-categorisable semi-Christian blog written by Peter Turner, a retired science teacher living in Haringey, North London. One of its functions is to serve as a reference library of Christian-socialist and Christian-anarchist articles and essays. It has had 33000 hits in 4 years of existence, and is quoted by various other web sites […]

Names: Keith and Caroline Baker Christian Denomination: Salvation Army (former officers) Place : County Armagh, Northern Ireland Date: 2005-2013; court case 2017 Accusation:┬áThis married pair of Salvation Army officers took advantage of a woman with ‘serious mental defects’ that they ‘befriended’ during their work. They took her to their home in Ulster and imprisoned her […]

The Yemen is being destroyed by British weapons. Admittedly they are being wielded by the Saudi military but that doesn’t absolve us Brits of responsibility. Every Yemeni child killed by a British bullet or bomb is OUR responsibility. Arms sales to the Saudis should cease forthwith, and workers at our many weapons factories should be […]