“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the international Christian-atheist polemic. This post is a publisher’s blurb about a book on Trumpism and the  US church. I’ve sent for a review copy and will publish this on Zingcreed as soon as I can.  Two previous posts on Trump (details below) have become more relevant as time passes, not less, and I am sure this book will also become more relevant as the next US election approaches.

The Westar Institute are a highly respected group of theologians who organised the original Jesus Seminar, whose thinking has been extremely influential on Zingcreed.

Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

Doing Theology in the Age of Trump

Edited by Jeffrey W. Robins and Clayton Crockett

This book is a work of theological resistance. It is not so much about the presidency of Donald Trump as it is about what his popularity and rise to power reveal about the state of Christianity and the moral character of the evangelical Right in the United States today. More specifically, it is about the threat of white Christian nationalism, which is the particular form that the nationalist populist movement of Trumpism has adopted for itself. The contributors are all fellows from the Westar Institute’s academic seminar on God and the Human Future, and include many of the leading figures in theology and Continental philosophy of religion. This volume provides a form of theopolitical resistance based on intersectionality. The authors recognize how the various forms of oppression interrelate to contribute to a vast, dynamic, and seeming impenetrable network of systemic injustice and marginalization. These essays demonstrate that politics need not be played as a zero-sum game with a winner-take-all mentality, and that a critical theology is as urgently needed and as relevant now as ever.

Price: $22.00 or $17.60 from Amazon
Date: 11/08/2018
Pages: 174
ISBN: 9781532608865
Imprint: Cascade books
Series: Westar seminar on God and the human future
Publisher: Wipf and Stock
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