This post is the first of 4 based on my weekend at the 2017 European Christian-anarchist Conference, hosted outside London by the Catholic Worker Farm.
As regular readers may have realised by now, I am not a Roman Catholic: in fact I am not even a Christian in the usual sense of the word. However I feel I am among friends when I am with this particular group of tolerant believers. They have similar goals to those expressed in the Zingcreed manifesto. One important feature of any conference worth its salt is the chatter that goes on outside the main meetings. Here I learned a lot of interesting things, and in this post I am going to talk about the most sensational news I heard all weekend. I’ve only got one source, so unfortunately I can’t confirm it.

The Roman Catholic church, which does not allow women priests of course, has 150 illegally ordained women priests around the  world, mainly in Europe and the US. Not only that but they are about to enthrone the world’s first woman catholic bishop! All this has been done secretly by church members who want women priests. The symbolically important succession of St Peter has been maintained, i.e. renegade mainstream bishops have performed the laying on of hands at ordination thereby preventing any future enquiry saying that their ordinations are invalid because they neglected this particular aspect. As the official church can’t be told about them they are not allocated parishes to minister in, and they are not paid a stipend by the church. Most of them have a daytime job, and perform sacerdotal services in their spare time. They can administer all the sacraments like any male priest would, but they must wait to be invited by believers prepared to respect their need for secrecy.


How amazing is that!??

Correction: checking back with my original source at a later date, I was told that 5 or 6 women priests have already been installed as bishops. As the laying on of hands is in the succession of St Peter, if that’s the right phrase, they no longer need a renegade male bishop to ordain new female priests, they can do it themselves. Glad to put that straight.


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