I think this is a splendid example of what Christians should be doing today, and after a recent very critical Post on the Salvation Army I am very pleased to be able to say something positive about them.

The Salvation Army Corps in my home town of Gloucester gives free legal help to the poor and vulnerable in the city. Government cuts to Legal Aid mean it is increasingly difficult for people in trouble to get free professional help. The Law Clinic, run by a local solicitor, provides free advice on housing, employment, criminal law  and family problems. “If we cannot deal with the legal problem directly we can point the client in the right direction and assist them with a Legal Aid application if necessary. For many this is their first and only point of contact due to many cutbacks.”   The clinic operates every week and is staffed by volunteers.

The concept of free legal help isn’t a new idea. In the 1890s the founder of the S.A., William Booth, produced a book discussing how everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, should be entitled to legal help.

It’s good to see Christians helping people in need; but I hope they will also exert political pressure to end cutbacks to state welfare services, so that their amateurish activities are no longer required. Austerity sucks and it’s the poor who suffer most.

Gloucester Review 28/04/17 p.2 “Award for the work of Salvation Army in the city.”


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