Zingcreed is an un-categorisable semi-Christian blog written by Peter Turner, a retired science teacher living in Haringey, North London. One of its functions is to serve as a reference library of Christian-socialist and Christian-anarchist articles and essays. It has had 33000 hits in 4 years of existence, and is quoted by various other web sites such as Catholic Left Reader. It is not copyright and may be freely be copied as long as credit is given to the source.

This is a list of Zingcreed’s posts on Christian anarchist themes, produced in April 2017 for the Radical Christian Reading Group organised by the London Catholic Worker. (For details see their website.) Each post has a number to facilitate scrolling on the title page. Alternatively articles can be accessed by links in the index mentioned on the title page.

054: Jesus the subversive
252: Ciaron O’Reilly and the whistle blowers
327: Red Christian Documents #23: Christian Anarchism
361: Keith Hebden: Principles of Compassionate Resistance
367: The fanatical class hatred of the early Christians
376: Temporary Autonomous Zones and the Kingdom of God
401: The litmus test of Christian anarchism: Romans 13
421: Jesus’ alternative election strategy
422: The limitations of Jesus’ social teaching
487: The aspirational politics of Christian anarchism
490: Jesus was an anarchist
521: Being a pacifist on November 11 – Symon Hill
551: Feral Christians
570: Eagle Spits; Christian punk poet
575: Chomsky and Christ
576: Anarchism and Anabaptism – Lloyd Pietersen
587: The life and times of the world’s #1 Christian anarchist
589: Jesus according to Proudhon
592: Jesus as counter-cultural icon
616: Jesus’ anarchist roots
636: What my local anarchist group has achieved
638: Christian anarchism – Marlow
639: Christo-anarchism – Marrk van Steenwyk
640: John Stackhouse attacks Christian anarchism
641: Would Jesus vote in an election?
642: Christian anarchists smash Starbucks’ windows
650: Old Testament anarchism from Samuel to Daniel – Richard Beck
652: Anarchism and religion – Nicolas Walter
653: No anarchism in the bible


For articles on Christianity and socialism generally look up Red Christians and Red Christian Documents in Zingcreed’s index.

All this is at Zingcreed.Wordpress.com


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