“There is more concern about chickens on a poultry farm in Alabama than for children.”

“The Jesus Gulag.”

“A Christian school for troubled youth was supposed to treat teens for drug addiction and mental health problems. But its extreme, fundamentalist program trapped them in a brutal world of forced nudity and brutal beatings.”

“The school of really hard knocks.”

“Whippings beatings and alleged rapes.”

“Better a pink bottom than a black soul.”

“These are throwaway children. They are looked at as dollar signs, not as not as individuals.”

“They’re hiding behind a cross, but there’s for damn sure evil going on.”

“He said it’s impossible to prosecute someone whose program is under a church covering.”

“God awful!”

“The blood of children.”

This ten-page article in Newsweek magazine caught my eye with its picture captions and headings (above). Once again church ministers and staff were indulging in extreme child abuse and getting away with it. Eventually in this case, thanks to a whistleblower, they were convicted in January 2017 and they got 20 years each. They were Pastor John D. Young, William Knott, and Aleshia Moffett, who “abused the troubled teens they were supposed to be helping.”

A few of the details:-

The Restoration Youth Academy charged parents 1500 dollars per month for “providing hope for their teenagers’ future when hope doesn’t seem possible.”

Boys were forced to fight one another until one of them was beaten to a pulp.

During their brutal daily workouts – often naked – drill instructors frequently punched or choked them or banged their heads on the concrete floor.

One was shackled upside down and hit with a belt.

Pupils were tortured by being locked in solitary confinement.

Such unlicensed, unregulated private church “schools” are common in the US. They push violently harsh discipline and fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

Such institutions are often subsidised by tax payers’ dollars.

As the whistleblower put it: “One of my greatest satisfactions is knowing that these children who suffered so much at their hands know that justice has been served in someway.”

Newsweek 10 March 2017 “The Jesus Gulag” copyright Art Levine. Abbreviated and edited by Peter Turner.
Adapted from “Mental health Inc.: How corruption, lax oversight, and failed reforms endanger our most vulnerable citizens” by Art Levine, The Overlook Press, Peter Mayer Publishers Inc., (overlookpress.com) Copyright Art Levine. All rights reserved.

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