695: JUST JESUS #34: Reading list

Continuing Zingcreed’s celebration of our new motto: Just Jesus, No God!

Here are a few of Zingcreed’s Posts that have been about Jesus. To locate the rest use the alphabetical index on the title page under the butterfly.

586: Zingcreed’s ten-point Jesus scale
502: Zingcreed’s historical Jesus quiz
155: Jesus was a sage, not a priest, prophet or king
560: Just how Jewish was Jesus?
591: The rap sheet on Jesus
272: Jesus’ 5200 authentic words
528: What did Jesus look like?
496: Was Jesus the ‘son of God’?
462: Sex #6: The disciple whom Jesus loved
271: Jesus’ real political message
054: Jesus the subversive
072: Jesus said nothing original.
617: Jesus and the Roman Empire


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