693: JUST JESUS #32: All the things he never actually said or did

“Contrary to popular belief Jesus wasn’t the son of God and he didn’t come to earth to save us from our sins, or at least if he did, he kept pretty quiet about it. To understand the guy, which is what I am endeavouring to do in this blog, I believe it’s essential to look at what the gospel tells us and not to make things up. Plus, scholars like the ones quoted here have evidence that JC didn’t really say or do quite all the things attributed to him. All this info has been out there for a long time. Your church ministers know it. If you want to know the probabilities yourself, check out Zingcreed’s previous posts and look at  the ‘Jesus Seminar’ on Wikipedia. Read the bible with an open, critical mind, comparing what you read in different places – remember it is not one book but a whole library of separate books by different authors.

In solidarity

Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

  • Jesus did not say he was the son of God
  • He did not say he came to save mankind from their sins
  • He never claimed to be the Messiah
  • He never spoke of his coming suffering and death
  • He said little about God
  • He did not speak about holy or religious topics
  • he had nothing to say about himself
  • He did not ask the disciples to convert the world or establish a church
  • He did not believe the world was going to end immediately
  • He did not call on his listeners to repent
  • He did not practice baptism
  • He did not institute the eucharist (holy communion)
  • He did not quote or interpret the Hebrew scriptures
  • He did not talk about Israel’s past
  • He made no theological statements
  • He never recited a creed or spoke of the trinity.

In short, very little of what we associate with traditional Christianity originated with him.

(i) Zingcreed post 678: Just Jesus #18: His authentic words by Robert Funk
(ii) Zingcreed post 676: Just Jesus #16: The teachings by Lloyd Geering





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