682: JUST JESUS #22: Small, Dark, Ugly, Illiterate – a summary of Zingcreed Post 020

Still celebrating Zingcreed‘s new slogan: Just Jesus, No God!

One of Zingcreed’s most viewed posts is 020: Small, Dark, Ugly and Illiterate – the real Jesus?
Click on the link to see the original or just read the summary here.

“Yeshua, to give Jesus his real Aramaic name, was dark skinned, not a blue-eyed blond-haired white man. Like most Jews at that time he would probably been short of stature. Second century writers described him as ugly to look at and undistinguished, and he has even been described as the type of person who would be stopped at airport security!

Growing up in Nazareth, a real one-horse town, he was circumcised and taught the Shema prayer which everyone recited at dawn and at dusk. He was descended from illegal immigrants, and was quite likely illegitimate.  He received no formal education and like 97% of the population, he and his disciples would all have been illiterate. Being Jewish, he naturally ate no pork or shellfish. While growing up he would have helped the rest of his peasant family in the fields.  He could recite a few verses of the scriptures (i.e. the Old Testament) from memory. Besides his native  Aramaic he would have had a smattering of Greek, the lingua franca of the Roman Empire. Like everyone else he would have believed that the earth was both flat and at the centre of the universe.

The bible uses the word tekton to describe his occupation. This can be translated as carpenter, but it can also mean a day labourer, hired by others to do add building jobs.”





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