676: JUST JESUS #16: The teachings by Lloyd Geering

Just Jesus, No God!

“…the most genuine traces of what Jesus taught are to be found in his parables and the short aphorisms like those collected in the celebrated Sermon on the Mount. We may be surprised to discover that in the sayings that are undeniably authentic, Jesus never referred to himself at all, never claimed to be the Messiah, never spoke of his coming sufferings and death, and did not predict the end of the world.

Further, in his parables and aphorisms, Jesus said little about God; rather he talked about the kingdom of God, often beginning with the words “The kingdom of God is like…” and it is pretty clear that by his phrase “kingdom of God” Jesus did not mean the political restoration of the kingdom of David, the age-old dream that such of his contemporaries as  the Jewish zealots were ready to fight for. He meant a new kind of human community, a new way of living together in the here and now, one based on mutual love for one another as humans, irrespective of race, class, gender, age. He went so far as to say we should love our enemies.

In his parables, Jesus spoke of everyday things in the lives of his hearers…not holy or religious topics but very worldly ones. It appears that Jesus rarely spoke about religion at all. (Though) it can be said that Jesus made a new religion out of the simple but very difficult practice of people serving one another with the aim of creating a new kind of community, the one he called the “kingdom of God.” Jesus taught us how to face up to injustices and to overcome them by doing more for others than we need to, by “going the second mile”. Jesus set before us a vision of what life can offer when we take the initiative and actively “seek the kingdom of God” by doing good.”

Geering, L. “Such is Life! A close encounter with Ecclesiastes” Polebridge Press (2010) p.204



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