673: JUST JESUS #13: The teacher of wisdom

Just Jesus, No God!

  • Jesus was a sage or ‘teacher of wisdom’ who raised the ‘wisdom stream’ to new heights
  • He stood in this wisdom tradition, not the priestly, prophetic or kingly ones
  • As Robert Funk of the Jesus Seminar puts it “Jesus is one of the great sages of history. Jesus is a secular sage. His aphorisms and parables all but obliterate the boundaries separating the sacred from the secular.”
  • Jesus as Hebrew Sage was lost from sight by the church; but can now re-emerge into view  as the results of Q research become more widely known, and as Christians realise they can’t ignore the scholarship of the Jesus Seminar for ever
  • Christianity’s real origins were lost to view because of men like St Paul who emphasised the messenger at the expense of the message; the figure of Christ over the man Jesus
  • Once the 3 roles of priest, king and prophet are removed from Jesus’ c.v., the man becomes truly human in every way. He was a charismatic teacher and healer about whom we know all too little. Period.
  • The Q gospel shows Jesus primarily as a teacher and sage. It is silent about vicarious death and supposed resurrection.

Source: paraphrase of Lloyd Geering chapters 8 & 9 “Christianity without God” Bridget Williams books (NZ) (2002)




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