667: JUST JESUS #7: The Jesus Seminar

Just Jesus, No God!

According to the Jesus Seminar:

  • Jesus of Nazareth was born during the reign of Herod the Great.
  • His mother’s name was Mary, and he had a human father whose name may not have been Joseph.
  • Jesus was born in Nazareth not in Bethlehem.
  • Jesus was an itinerant sage who shared meals with social outcasts.
  • Jesus practiced healing, without the use of ancient medicine or magic, relieving afflictions we now consider psychosomatic.
  • He did not walk on water, feed the multitude with loaves and fishes, change water into wine, or raise Lazarus from the dead.
  • Jesus was arrested in Jerusalem and crucified by the Romans.
  • He was executed as a public nuisance, not for claiming to be the Son of God.
  • The empty tomb is a fiction – Jesus did not rise bodily from the dead.
  • Belief in the resurrection is based on the visionary experiences of Peter, Paul, and Mary.

Source: Funk, R.W. & the Jesus Seminar “The Acts of Jesus. The search for the authentic deeds of Jesus” Polebridge Press, Harper/San Francisco (1998) inside front cover.


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