665: JUST JESUS #5: by Terry Eagleton (i)

Just Jesus, No God!

“Some aspects of the way Jesus is portrayed have an obvious radical resonance. He is presented as homeless, propertyless, peripatetic, socially marginal, disdainful of kinsfolk, without a trade or occupation, a friend of outcasts and pariahs, averse to material possessions, without fear for his own safety, a thorn in the side of the Establishment and a scourge of the rich and powerful. The problem of much modern Christianity has been how to practice this lifestyle with two children, a car and a mortgage.

Jesus, like Mary, is one of the anawim, the useless, vulnerable and discarded, what St Paul racily described as ‘the shit of the earth’.

His mission is not consensual but conflictive, and he comes not to bring peace but a sword, slashing through established affinities and dividing those who have faith in the kingdom from those who do not. He is no mild-eyed plaster saint, but a relentless, fiercely uncompromising activist.

Jesus is the skandalon or stumbling block, which the builders rejected, but which shall become the cornerstone of the new order. The new dispensation is constructed out of the flotsam and jetsam of the old.”

Eagleton, T. “The Gospels. Jesus Christ” Introduction Verso (2007) p.xxii & xxiv
Zingcreed Posts (i) 007 Jesus’ dark side
(ii) 332: Red Christian Documents # 25: The radicalism of Jesus in historic context by Terence Eagleton


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