663: JUST JESUS #3: by William Herzog

Just Jesus, No God! is Zingcreed’s new motto.

“In the final analysis, the Gospels preserved more than enough material to encourage the unfinished task of reconstructing the historical Jesus from one age to the next. Out of the maze of parables, riddles, aphorisms, conflicts, healings, exorcisms, charges, questions, counter questions, Torah disputes, temple incidents, the drama of a show trial, and courage under fire, a shadowy figure begins to emerge from the mists of the first century, standing on a far shore, beckoning the enquirer to come closer. Try as we might, we cannot approach the shore, but remain at sea, on the face of the deep, too far removed for a closer look. The mists thicken, and the figure disappears, leaving only the memory of his appearing. It is all we have to work with, but it is enough to encourage us to cast off from the distant shore and risk the voyage once again.”

Herzog, W. “Jesus Justice and the reign of God. A ministry of liberation.” John Knox Press (2000) p.255

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