Summary:  “Their doting dad has put these student’s pictures up on bill boards down the highway. He wants to publicly congratulate them and let all parents know that their children can also be like his if only they’ll come to his church.”

Pastors Winston and Angela  Cuffie run the Miracle Ministries Pentecostal church in central Trinidad. They have 3 exceptionally talented daughters of whom they are very proud. Unfortunately, local gossip, which is most unkind, says the graduation photos are photoshopped, and their degrees are in B.S. There is even a photo on line of Jesus congratulating one of the girls and shaking her by the hand.

This is the kind of thing that comes from envious bystanders who have got nothing better to do with their time than write rubbish on the internet! If they were prepared to put in the hard work that these three girls have, they could be just as successful.

Winsie-Ann Cuffie is both a gospel singer and a Harvard medical student and she’s only 20. She has met Trinidad’s prime minister as well as Benny Hinn the Israeli faith healer. She has a whole bill board to herself on the highway. Her father has put the words “To God be the glory ” on it.

Victrina Cuffie was also publicly congratulated by her doting father when she graduated from Staffordshire University. I’ve never heard of it but it sounds like it should be in England. He put a paid ad in the Trinidad paper as well as her own billboard on the highway.

Last but not least, Candel Cuffie took her ACCA (accountancy) exams in a mere three years and got the highest marks in the world. Most impressive. She’s got her own billboard too, just past the wholesale hardware warehouse on the right as you go south.

It’s not easy getting to the top in the third world. Congratulations are in order. I’m not going to knock the daughters. I’m going to knock the parents. Winston and Angela Cuffie are well known public figures in Trinidad and Tobago. They have contacts, they have money, they have influence. They regularly place ads in the press calling on the country to change direction and their Miracle Ministry  church is on TV every Sunday. They are using their successful daughters to promote the image of their church. They are Daddy’s sale gimmicks. The implication is that any parent who brought up their daughters to be god-fearing, church-going  and hard-working could also get them into an overseas uni. Dream on. There are many poor people in TnT who can’t afford the coaching, the music lessons, the swimming pool membership. There are kids who work in the family business when they get home at night, and there are those who are malnourished and whose brain cells don’t achieve their full potential. If you are a prosperous middle class family with a car and the right contacts and the right amount of push then your kids may well make the grade. If that’s what you and they want. You can be happy and successful (and well off) in life without going to college.

The doting dad is playing a risky strategy. He wants to reap the glory that his offspring have generated.  What happens if they let him down at some point. If there’s a falling out? A major disagreement?

Let’s hope that never happens.


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