“A very warm greeting to all those Viewers in the Caribbean republic of Trinidad and Tobago. You have really made me feel welcome during my 3 week stay in the southern oil city of San Fernando. Let’s be clear, no one from this jewel-like island has read Zingcreed for over a year. WordPress’ excellent stats service tell me that. It’s lovely to suddenly have you new readers with us – I hope you continue to read the blog after I’m back in London.
In solidarity,
Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

What am I talking about?

From the moment the excellent immigration service stamped my passport at Piarco airport, this blog had so many ‘hits’ it’s broken all records. More than from the US, more than from Australia, more than from even the UK. Not just dozens, not just scores but hundreds of ‘hits’ by Trinidadian Viewers every day. More ‘hits’ than I have ever had before. Who are these Trinidadian Viewers? How do they know I’m here? How do they know I write a blog? Is it just pure coincidence? Apart from a handful of relatives I no longer know anyone here – it’s nearly 50 years since I was on campus at the University of the West Indies, working for a Ph.D. on pests of grapefruit. It was a time of political turmoil which I hope to write up soon under the Post title of “My second revolution.”

Yes, I was threatened with deportation back in 1970 if I didn’t stop ‘interfering’ in local politics. “Fair cop, guv, it’s your country”; I retreated into my studies. Now I’m a mere blog writer; I’m not on a speaking tour. (And why is no-one in Trinidad reading my other blog on green footpaths around London?) If you’re a local Viewer, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m sure it’s a coincidence that there were men up the utility pole last week.

Ah, well, Dylan has won the Nobel Prize for literature: that’s good news.

[Post-script, written a month later; Edward Snowden says the security people oversample the electronic data base; they acquire all sorts of low level stuff like the contents of an anarchist/atheist blog and never get round to analysing it. It’s not the citizens of Trinidad who are reading my  Posts, the interest was triggered because when I set foot in the Caribbean I was entering Uncle Sam’s back yard.]

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