“A warm welcome to Zingcreed. These twelve original  posts were all penned by myself in the last 6 months. I think they’re worth shouting about and I hope when they’re read they provoke a reader response. At the moment the most popular posts on this blog were nearly all written over two years ago. I know they were good, but the recent stuff is better still, by far! I hope you find these topics as interesting as I do.
In solidarity,
Peter Turner.”

  • 586: The Zingcreed 10 point Jesus scale
    From zero (not interested!) to ten (Jesus lives in my heart). Where do you come on this unique powerfully insightful scale?
  • 560: Just how Jewish was Jesus?
    The question that’s never asked in church. No holds are barred on Zingcreed: we bring you the answers no-one else will.
  • 584: Towards a Christian view of internet porn
    A major issue of our times that Christians just seem to get tongue tied over. Zingcreed fillets out the top ethical issues and makes one jaw-dropping proposal that you’re guaranteed not to find elsewhere.
  • 617: Jesus and the Roman empire
    The latest research overturns what we’ve always thought about Jesus and the Romans. Find out what really went on – they nailed him for it!
  • 566: Why are you rich? A question for all Christians.
    Christians are the richest people on earth, yet they claim to be followers of a man who advocated giving it all away! There’s a story here!
  • 616: Jesus’ anarchist roots
    I was astonished as anyone else to find out that God was a republican; that for centuries the Jews lived a regulated anarchism with no leaders.
  • 610: Evangelicals and doors with only one handle
    Metaphors run amok in this short homily with a deadly serious message
  • 591: The rap sheet on Jesus
    What was Jesus crucified for? What precisely were the charges? Was he actually guilty of any or all of the charges? Find out here.
  • 612: The Old Testament and the Kingdom of God
    This is hot stuff: they should give me a degree in theology for writing it all!
  • 601: The mismatch between Jesus skillset and the job description of the Messiah
    With typical Zingcreed irreverence, the bull is grabbed by the horns and wrestled with until it submits.
  • 649: Help me out here! How does atonement work in  practice?
    No, Zingcreed doesn’t have all the answers. Here’s the proof that issues at the core of contemporary faith baffle me completely.





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