“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the only religious blog in the world with more questions than answers. It is a “Christian/atheist” blog, or to be more accurate a “Jesusite/non-theist” one, and the motto is “More Jesus, Less Christ, No God!” The writer is a retired science teacher living in North London, in Tottenham to be precise. For a few years I have been on the fringes of the local anarchist group The Haringey Solidarity Group. Haringey is a London borough, and Tottenham is one of 3 districts within it, the poorest one. The whole borough is marked by low average incomes, high unemployment rates and high immigration rates. In some local schools where I have taught, the pupils can speak over 100 different languages between them.

What is the role of an anarchist group in an inner city area like this? I find that the members of HSG are non-dogmatic, and creative in the way they look at problems. There is a conscious attempt to do things and not merely to discuss issues. Practical activities include running a (monthly) independent cinema which is well supported, producing a free newsletter (4000 copies) for public distribution, having a reading group, and supporting strikers and community groups in their struggles whenever possible.

At the forthcoming Anarchist Book Fair which will be held in Tottenham for the first time on 29 October   2016, HSG will be giving a presentation on what they have achieved to date. This is a unique opportunity to learn how to organise at the grass roots level in an urban community. There will be ample opportunity to ask questions afterwards. It will be packed, so get to that workshop early!       Below is an outline of topics to be covered.

In solidarity,

Peter Turner.”

Public Meeting
Haringey Solidarity
Saturday October 29th
@ Park View School, West Green Road Tottenham N15
As part of the London Anarchist Bookfair at the above venue

Haringey Solidarity: Lessons from 4 decades of radical anti-authoritarian community action in Haringey
Organised and introduced by members of Haringey Solidarity Group and the Radical History Network of NE London

A look at some local campaigns and organisations from the late ’70s onwards fighting back against capitalism and the State and trying to create a better world. Including strike support, unwaged struggles, anti-poll tax movement, women’s struggles, anti-racist action, anti-police campaigns, community/neighbourhood self-organisation, lesbian and gay liberation, libertarian and anarchist activity, housing action groups and campaigns, resistance to property developers, defence of public and community services and facilities, radical community centres and projects… and more. We will also note where local groups and campaigns have linked or federated with similar ones around London and the UK. Followed by general discussion.

We particularly welcome people who live or work in Haringey, and also others from round the country who may want to be inspired or to share some of their own experiences/successes etc.


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