“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the blog for the post-Christian age, where you’ll find more questions than answers – because there are more questions than answers.
This post is a bunch of stats which give a summary of what this blog has been doing over the last few months and what it hopes to achieve in the next few.
I hope you find this interesting,
In solidarity,
Peter Turner.”

This week Zingcreed passed a milestone of sorts by having its 25,000th “View” or “Hit”.
I’m very pleased about that, not to say incredulous. That doesn’t mean 25,000 people because most visitors look at more than one Post, or page, when they come calling. Today (26/09/2016), the counters say 25,271 views, or ‘hits’, and 13,353 visitors since our inception in December 2012. The best number of views per day is 284 (17th august 2016).
Here are some more details for September 2016 so far:
958 views and 456 visitors,
Wordpress.com followers: 53,
Facebook followers: 9,
Twitter followers: 4.

The 10 most popular Posts this month so far are:
Home page/archives 356
Karl Marx’s personality 107
Surviving the Alpha course 51
How the Emperor Constantine corrupted Christianity 39
Jesus’ dark side 27
Structural ‘sin’ 26
Myers’ mission statement 18
Naked Jesus 18
Jesus hates me this I know… 18
 Martin Luther King quotes 16

None of these posts were copied from other sources, all were written by me.

The commonest countries of origin of viewers are UK, US and Australia.
Most of the posts viewed were written over a year ago.
Most recent posts have no tags and are not on Zingcreed’s index yet, because I have been too busy to do that.
Perhaps if I updated the new stuff these  more recent posts would get more views.
I don’t go in for Search Engine Optimisation. I can’t be bothered as the whole blog is basically a collection of notes I am making for my own personal interest, and although people are welcome to ‘look over my shoulder’, Zingcreed should not be taken too seriously.

The past 6 months have seen the completion of my summarising of Herzog’s excellent book on the parables. Other work on Jesus’ anarchist roots, Jesus and the Roman empire, and on OT views of the Kingdom of God is, to me, significant. I was tickled pink when a JW at my door asked if he could come back the next day with a friend to hear more of what I had to say. The 3 of us had a profitable discussion I would say. The name of this blog has been submitted to a British Christian radio station with a view to winning an award for online excellence. Fat chance! I was delighted to go to the European Christian Anarchist conference again this summer. The theme was Migration, and I was able to make a small presentation there.

I shall be migrating myself over the winter months, so the few posts that do get written will probably have a flavour of  the tropics about them. Please don’t elect Donald Trump in my absence, dear American readers.

2017 will hopefully expand my attention to Tolstoy and Gandhi and MLK, who took Jesus’ message and developed it – activists’ tools for the 21st century.
Meanwhile don’t forget to come to the Anarchist Bookfair which is ‘on my patch’ in North London on October 29th. I’m looking forward to the Catholic Worker presentation.

¡Hasta la Vista!

p.s. If you want to find out what the countryside is like in the counties round London, why not check out my other blog: Peter’s green tube walks.Wordpress.com


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