“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the only religious blog with more questions than answers. This Post is extracted from an article written by a Canadian minister who was a keen supporter of the Liberation Theology movement of Latin America in the 1970’s. I think it is worth reprinting as his points are still valid today. I am a white middle class, middle aged male myself and I am acutely aware that most of the world’s problems are created by privileged people just like me. I hope you find this is food for thought, just as I did.

In solidarity,

Peter Turner.”

“I am convinced that the only rigorous programme which relates faith to the total context of life is that of “liberation theology.” Yet at this point I feel a certain embarrassment because I am white and male and North American. On every count I am numbered with the oppressor! I believe God does identify himself with the oppressed. The struggle for liberation in the third world, in the women’s movement, among racial minorities, in native groups – that is where the theological action is! Yet that is not where I am! I and my parishioners are people of good will. We are people who are concerned about, and are willing to sacrifice for, the oppressed of the world. We too are oppressed. We are powerless. We doubt that we could change things, even if we had the will and the determination; so we watch immobilised. We all benefit from the fact that North America pays low prices for raw materials and receives high prices for manufactured goods. I benefit from my sex and my colour. I am oppressed and oppressor – and I don’t seem to have much choice about either.”
The author goes on to look at prejudice and practical theology.


Lochhead, D. “The liberation of the bible” in “The bible and liberation” by Gottwald, N.K. & Horsley, R.A. Orbis/SPCK (1993)


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