Sometimes people let their guard down, especially when they think they are among like-minded folks. The trouble is that if you communicate like that on social media, everyone gets to see what happens when the mask slips. I present the reactions to a news story on an evangelical website. The story was how an Anglican  church service in Australia was interrupted by ten people dressed in Moslem clothes and chanting mock Moslem prayers. These “patriots” were protesting in “this house of apostasy” because the minister and his congregation “support Islam and multiculturalism.” The shocked minister said, “This is simply because we support the Moslem community. We try and build bridges.”

This is a few edited snippets from the 58 Comments on that story. I’ve left out all the gratuitous homophobic comments in order to focus on the inter-faith aspect. Not one writer defended what the minister and his congregation were trying to do.

Rev. Robert West: This patriotic group would be right to call attention to the dangers of mass immigration. The Holy Bible does teach the separation of the genealogical nations into their own separate countries.
Sidney: What is clear is that this church is not preaching the gospel and is following a demonic inter-faith agenda.
Mary: Some Australians seem to have forgotten that they are only there because Britain decided to get rid of its criminal elements. They too are migrants.
Larry: Mary, learn to hold your tongue and do not attempt to teach men…it’s the will of God. Now toddle off and get those fairy cakes on.  Whites are exposing our free democratic society to a murderous Satanic totalitarian quazi-religious violent political movement  that has declared war globally on our nations.

Zingcreed reaction:”Thank god I’m an atheist!”


Postscript (one day later): Seems like I’ve just seen the tip of the iceberg here. Think tank ‘Demos’ reports that in July 2016, 7000 islamophobic tweets were sent every day in the English-speaking world. (Not all by evangelicals I hope.) By islamophobic is meant associating all moslems with terrorists and advocating hatred of moslems and violence against them. One can make criticisms of any religion, like I do on this blog all the time, without irrational paranoid hatred. Oversimplification and knee jerk reflexes don’t get anyone anywhere.

Postscript 2: in sharp contrast to the online evangelical paranoia quoted above is this positive view of Britain’s multicultural society from an olympic athlete. Sprinter Adam Gemili was born in south London and is of Moroccan/Iranian heritage. He told the press that people should celebrate team GB. “It’s so diverse and you have so many people with so many different sorts of heritages and backgrounds and ethnicities and we all come together and we do become one team. It’s cliche and cheesy , but it’s true and it’s great to see. It makes us special and unique and it means you never know what you’re going to get from who comes out to compete.” (Evening Standard 17/8/2016, p.4)


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