“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the blog that pisses off Christians and atheists alike – no discrimination here!

This post was written at the 10th Christian Anarchist Conference held outside London in June 2016. It is a record of a conversation I had with Martin King from the northern city of Hull. I was most impressed – I think Martin should start his own blog, or write a book. As a former drug addict, he has an insight into people that I don’t have, and as a fervent Christian he has still managed to stay independent from any particular church. He and his friends, Paula and Kirsty, work as gardeners, musicians and community workers in Hull. Martin has converted a number of church yards into vegetable gardens with the help of the congregations. Which reminds me, I must write a post about my allotment (vegetable garden) one day. All British cities have plenty of urban wasteland and this is an excellent use for it. All power to him and his team!
In solidarity,
Peter Turner.”

Christ as a counter-cultural icon

The activist scene is not as counter-cultural as it likes to think. Revolution has to start in our hearts, we can only get self-healing by looking inwards. The fact is that all too often people are living out their external problems – they are full of hatred and anger, and when they successfully overthrow some political system or other it’s as if one set of loonies replaces another. It’s not just a case of replacing one set of rules with another, it should be more radical than that.

To be truly counter-cultural you need watchfulness, mindfulness and self awareness. There is too much booze and drugs in the movement. This is just a release valve, a way of coping with the stresses imposed by society. Getting high is not real opposition. As a Christian recovered addict I am now helping people on the fringes. Jesus himself healed people, he had a spiritual awakening in his thirties. You need awareness when challenging the Powers and Principalities: don’t do it out of anger. Look at The Meek in Dave Andrews’ book on The Beatitudes, where the tables are turned by a non-hating force. Having a spliff or snorting ketamine is not counter-cultural.
We are more of a threat when we’re sober.

Andrews, Dave “Plan Be. Be the change you want to see in the world” Authentic (2008) page 21


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