“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the independent semi-Christian blog that is not connected to any church. I say what I think about faith – a lot of it positive, quite a lot of it negative. You will find opinions in Zingcreed that I guarantee you won’t find in any other religious blog. This is a Christian/atheist/anarchist polemic. Like Marmite: you will either love it or hate it! I hope you find this post interesting – there are 585 more where this came from as well as dozens more in the pipeline.
In solidarity,
Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

The ten point Jesus scale – where do you come on it?

People react to the Jesus in the gospels in different ways. If they are atheists they may believe that he never even existed. If they are believers they may think he is alive and that they speak to him every day. I’ve listed 10 responses to the man in increasing order of devotion, from 1 (indifference) to 10 (total devotion). I’ve written it because I think it could help people clarify where they stand by forcing them to choose a number.

  1. I am indifferent
  2. Jesus is an interesting historical figure
  3. Jesus was a great man
  4. I respect Jesus’ teachings
  5. I admire Jesus and study his teachings
  6. I am inspired by Jesus’ life and I try to emulate him
  7. Jesus was more than just a great preacher and healer – he was the divine son of God
  8. I have a personal relationship with Jesus
  9. I love Jesus and accept him as my saviour
  10. Jesus lives in my heart

Obviously there’s some overlap between categories here, and it could be worded differently – why not construct your own scale and send it to me for publication?  As a student of the teachings of the historical Jesus, I personally couldn’t climb beyond 6 or even just 5. Is that my loss, or my gain? As a non-theist, I rate intellectual honesty highly, and to be frank I see many people who claim to be on points 7 to 10 as just being mistaken. They are of course entitled to their views, as am I. Let’s cooperate to uncover more about the historical Jesus, and to test the relevance of his teachings in the 21st century.

Afterthought: let’s do the same for God and for St Paul.




One comment

  1. On your scale I’d be hovering somewhere around the 5.5 mark, with occasional peaks of 6 and occasional troughs of 4.5 ☺

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