“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the semi-religious blog from London England. Like the rest of the world many of us here are following the US presidential elections with great interest. Personally I am horrified at the idea that Trump might win, and I am hoping that Bernie Sanders may ‘trump’ Hillary Clinton. Obviously I don’t have a vote, but Americans should vote wisely as the outcome will affect us almost as much as you.(Ironically I see Obama is telling us how to vote in the upcoming in/out referendum on Europe!)

I’ve just discovered that the term ‘red’ refers to Republican states in US political jargon. Over here it means socialist. I hope no-one reading my ‘Red Christians’ Posts thought I meant  Jesus was a Republican – perish the thought! I shall have to make things clearer in future, as Zingcreed has more readers in the US than in the UK.

I hope to get a closer view of the election on my upcoming visit to America.

The small party described here has a candidate for president too, Gloria La Riva. They are communists, i.e. way to the left of Sanders. This is their vision of change.

I hope you find this interesting,

In solidarity,

Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”


The Party for Socialism and Liberation believes that the only solution to the deepening crisis of capitalism is the socialist transformation of society. Driven by an insatiable appetite for ever greater profits regardless of social cost, capitalism is on a collision course with the people of the world and the planet itself. Imperialist war; deepening unemployment and poverty; deteriorating health care, housing and education; racism; discrimination and violence based on gender and sexual orientation; environmental destruction—all are inevitable products of the capitalist system itself.

For the great majority of people in the world, including tens of millions of workers in the United States, conditions of life and work are worsening. There is no prospect that this situation can or will be turned around under the existing system.

The idea that the capitalists’ grip on society and their increasingly repressive state can be abolished through any means other than a revolutionary overturn is an illusion. Equally unrealistic are reformist hopes for a “kinder, gentler” capitalism, or solutions based on economic decentralization or small group autonomy. Meeting the needs of the more than 6.5 billion people who inhabit the planet today is impossible without large-scale agriculture and industry and economic planning.

The fundamental problems confronting humanity today flow from the reality that most of the world’s productive wealth—the product of socialized labor and nature—is privately owned and controlled by a tiny minority. This minority decides what will be produced and what will not. Its decisions are based on making profits rather than meeting human needs.

There are really only two choices for humanity today—an increasingly destructive capitalism, or socialism.

Radio Sputnik (RT)


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