Dear Mr Bergoglio,
What on earth made you do it? Did you seriously expect the world’s most famous rock band, the sound of Europe, the Rolling Stones, to cancel their debut concert in Havana, Cuba, because it was on Good Friday? What were you thinking? Are you mad? Is this how you want the modern church to appear to young people  – as a fuddy duddy killjoy bunch of boring old farts? (Of course, we both know in our hearts, that you are exactly that, but shouldn’t you be trying to hide it?)

I can remember having a poster on my bedroom wall when I was young showing Mick Jagger’s head and the very witty words “Let him that is without sin jail the first stone”. You see, they had just been arrested on drugs charges, and the poster designer used Jesus’s famous words “Let him that is without  sin throw the first stone.” (I’m sure you remember it: he stopped the mob from stoning to death a woman’taken in adultery’.) Yes, I was and still am a Stones fan.

Why should the Stones pay any attention to you? They got a lot of support, I’m sure, when they snubbed you. If you want to criticize them check out some of the sexist sixties lyrics, but then you’re probably a misogynist yourself and just as sexist as their lyrics from the 1960s. Hey, and what’s wrong with going to church and taking in a concert all on the same day?

Hope you’re not getting senile.


Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.



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