545: L.O.L. #30: FIVE FUN SAINTS

A correspondent recently told me the church’s earliest saints were actually pagan gods that were appropriated by the church. I don’t know, but it might explain some of the weird, fun things people were canonised for back in the day. Here are 6 examples  (I know the title is 5 fun saints, not 6, but alliteration is so alluring when you’re trying to think  up a  heading.)

Saint Patrick: turned walking sticks into trees;
St Edmund the Martyr: caused animals to speak with human voices;
St Joseph of Cupertino: flew in the sky;
St Malachy: prophesied the future;
St Francis of Assisi: bled from his stigmata;
St Margaret of Scotland: dried wet things off without a towel;


Dan Jones, “Mother Teresa is not so saintly” (London) Evening Standard, 18 March, 2016, p.15


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