“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the religious blog that says what it means and means what it says. This site is viewed or ‘hit’ over 20 times a day on average – that could be by one person looking at 20 different Posts or by 20 different visitors looking at one Post each. WordPress tell me the Posts have good ‘staying power’ which means people read the old stuff and not just the offerings of the week. I guess that’s because this is not a blog in the traditional sense of a diary or log; it’s a series of articles on religion and the precise date of publication is irrelevant. Also very few people access this blog by the name ‘Zingcreed’, or use the index when they do find the title page with the ‘archives’ listed on it. They are directed by search engines when they enter terms like ‘Emperor Constantine’, ‘structural sin’, ‘naked Jesus’ and so on.

I have a backlog of fascinating topics to write about, but as my laptop is in Poland being repaired and I have absent-mindedly left my Kindle on the plane from Barbados things have been slowed down somewhat. The Mac I have been lent (latest model) won’t connect to WordPress, and when it does the Publish button won’t work. The ancient PC I used in the local public library yesterday had a pink screen and the lettering had been scraped off half the keys, but otherwise it worked fine. “These things are sent to try us” as my late mother used to say.

I hope you find today’s article interesting.

In solidarity,

Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

Is Holy Communion /Mass / The Eucharist a form of cannibalism?

As a teenage communicant I suppressed thoughts like these. It certainly registered that when I participated in Holy Communion I was – in some kind of abstract sense – supposed to be eating the body and drinking the blood of Jesus, but I never thought of it as being like eating (raw) flesh like underdone beef, or drinking a real man’s exsanguinations. My imagination ‘knew’ where not to go: mine was a polite genteel version of Anglicanism!

Catholic actor Dominic West (did you see him as a Baltimore detective in The Wire? Fantastic!) had no such inhibitions in his recent (London) Evening Standard interview. This is definitely the sort of thing Zingcreed deals in.
Here is what the interviewer, C.H. Edwardes wrote:
Is he still a practising Catholic? “Not really, no,” he says. He tried taking (his) little ones to Mass “because that’s what I used to do, and because I wanted them to learn to sit still. They were bored stiff. Then I had the brilliant idea  of telling them what was going on. I said ‘you know what the priest is doing, don’t you?’ and my little boy shook his head. I said ‘He’s eating Jesus. Eating Jesus! And now he’s going to drink Jesus’s blood.’ My son was rapt.
I’ve always found the idea of transubstantiation a bit abstract, but it’s just cannibalism. I said ‘And now he’s going to chop up and eat some of Jesus’s flesh. See that? I’m going to go and get some. Do you want to come?’

Source: Evening Standard 11 March 2016 page 27



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