It must be a couple of years now since I heard Noam Chomsky in London making the charge that U.S. President Barack Obama had violated human rights more than any of his predecessors. I was astonished – surely as a black man he would be more aware of human rights issues? It turns out Chomsky was talking of the much increased drone activity under his reign as Commander in Chief of the U.S. armed forces. Drones seem to be indiscriminate killers of not just extremist militants but also of their children, wives, mothers-in-law and second cousins. The soldier remotely controlling the weapon from the comfort of his far-away armchair plays jury, judge and executioner all rolled into one, just like Judge Dredd!  Quite often their target is a sim card in someone’s mobile phone rather than an actual individual. A lot could go wrong there!

In the U.S. primaries, Republicans are calling him a coward and a dove.  Pretty incredible for the man who
(a) killed Osama Bin Laden
(b) overthrew Colonel Gaddafi (I think)
(c) launched all those extra drones which killed so many innocent civilians
(d) did not close Guantanamo  as promised
(e) dropped bombs on seven moslem-majority countries.

Are the Republican hawks hoping to be even worse than this?

Are those people who thought Obama wouldn’t be as bad as his predecessor, George W. Bush because he was black, guilty of reverse racism?

Oh, but Obama can’t be that bad – he sends his daughters to a Quaker school after all!

Why can’t the whole world vote for the next President; after all, his decisions affect all of us.

Al Jazeera TV



  1. As much as I like to ignore internal American politics, the influence the US has on the rest of the world is too much to ignore. What really concerns me is the huge following Trump is likely to have in the next elections whether or not he is the Republican candidate. I’m convinced freedom will take several step backwards if he is elected to the presidency, and I’m not just referring to the US.

    1. hi again Barry
      Yes it’s worrying isn’t it. Reminds me of when Reagan first stood for election (or, even further back, the nightmare possibility of Barry Goldwater getting into power. If I had a vote it would go to Bernie Sanders.

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