WordPress is constantly evolving and ‘improving’ and one result of this is that I can no longer get the stats for  a six month period. So here is a list of the 12 Zingcreed blogposts that have received the most hits in the 11 months between January 1st and today (November 28) 2015:

1/ Karl Marx’s personality – a balance sheet (574 hits)
2/ How Emperor Constantine corrupted Christianity
3/ On surviving the Alpha course
4/ Small, dark, ugly and illiterate – the real Jesus?
5/ Naked Jesus, a cock and bull story?
6/ Jesus’s dark side
7/ No way José! (José Porfirio Miranda)
8/ Structural ‘sin’
9/ Jesus hates me this I know, for the bible tells me so
10/ Red Christians #1: Thomas Muntzer
11/ Jesus had a lower IQ than you
12/ Crimes of the bourgeoisie #4:Resources go to the rich

Just click on these links if you want to see them.

There have been over 16000 hits in the 3 years since this blog was started and the countries of origin of the most frequent readers in 2015 are:

1/ US (2993 hits)
2/ UK (1284 hits)
3/ Germany (366)
4/ Australia (342)
5/ Canada
6/ Philippines
7/ Ireland
8/ India
9/ NZ
10/ Azerbaijan
11/ S. Africa
12/ France

One highlight of the last 6 months for me was having the opportunity to read a paper at the 9th European Christian Anarchist conference at the Catholic Worker farm outside London. Respect to Scott Albrecht and his helpers there, it was a great event and I met  some awesome people.

As far as Zingcreed’s content is concerned, I am particularly excited to get down to the original oral tradition of what Jesus said (What Jesus said in the oral tradition). This is the only place on the internet where you will find all 53 quotations spelt out. I have nearly finished dissecting Herzog’s radical approach to the parables; the publishing arm of the Jesus Seminar (Polebridge Press) as well as Orbis press continue to throw out theological fireworks; and Liberation Theology is starting to make a comeback (I think). There will be no shortage of topics for me to comment on in 2016.

Zingcreed is about to shut down, well almost, for 2 months. I’m hoping to get in a couple of interviews with Buddhist monks in S.E.Asia. Tune in again in February. Until then: LIVE, LOVE AND LAUGH, and remember our motto:

More Jesus, Less Christ, No God!

In solidarity,
Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.





  1. Why DO those Christian Anarchists like Paul so much though? That’s a rhetorical question!

  2. hi Neo
    Your question is an intriguing one.When I get back from my annual break in Feb I’ll do some reading on that. My next post was going to say that Paul subverted Jesus’ ethical system, but as yet I haven’t got a lot to go on. happy xmas etc

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