You know what  this one’s going to be about, don’t you?
In Christian tradition you are not supposed to eat anything before receiving holy communion. The bread and wine you receive at the altar on Sunday morning should be the first things that you swallow for the day.
But what happens if while brushing your teeth you inadvertently swallow a little toothpaste. Does this amount to a breach of the pre-eucharistic fast?

Don’t worry guys, the church knew this would happen and is ready to hear your confession now. H.J.Davis’s multivolume ‘Moral Theology’ contains a solemn discussion of what the confessor should say to a penitent in a case like this. As I don’t have the book I can’t tell you what that was; the mere fact that it should be considered a sin at all makes me Laugh Out Loud.

Cupitt, Don “Creative faith” Polebridge (2015)


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