“I love my annual visits to the Caribbean to see my family. At this time of year there are pomeracs and cerises to eat and bucketfuls of limes, not to mention breadfruit and plantains. It’s the rainy season though, so there have not been many beach outings.

In the supermarket today the Christmas music was blaring out; after all there are only two and a half months to go, it being the 11 October as I write. One of the things I put in the trolley was the Catholic News, a paper that never fails to appal me, and I base today’s musing on it. Please feel free to eavesdrop.

I hope you find this article interesting,

In solidarity,

Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

Just as an ocean liner going at full tilt cannot make a sharp turn, so a worldwide institution such as the RC church cannot change its adherents’ beliefs and assumptions overnight. It takes years and in some cases generations to do this. The present pope, Francis, is well aware that his liberal plans are being thwarted by conservative priests and laity worldwide. I guess people feel that he’s getting old and if they hang on long enough the ‘cavalry’ will come to their rescue, probably in the form of another traditionalist like Benedict. These conservative reactionaries are not just lying low and biding their time. They like to push the boundaries from time to time – they’ll run a flag up the flag pole and see if anyone salutes it.

An example of this is the publication of small articles in the catholic press, or the printing of letters to the editor. In a relatively large country there is room for more than one magazine, each one representing a different faction. In a tiny place like Trinidad and Tobago there is only room for one paper. Here is a homophobic article from page two of this week’s Catholic News (11/10/2015). I have noticed that there is not normally any comeback to this sort of article in future issues. We’ll see.

“Our young people need to be reminded or taught that marriage in God’s plan is clearly only between a man and a woman since two bodies of the same sex cannot unite in the life-giving embrace that is possible between male and female.

Gay marriage is clearly not a matter of love; it is a matter of grave disorder and misunderstanding or deliberate breaking of God’s laws regarding marriage and family life. It may be politically incorrect to use such language, but better to speak clearly than stay silent on such an important issue, otherwise we will have a much higher authority than political correctness to answer to in the future.”

The author does not give his or her name but hides behind the name of a Catholic association on whose behalf he or she is writing.
Ironically, the following appeared under the heading “Irresponsible priest” in the same issue of the newspaper: (p.20)

“ A Polish monsignor…declared he was a homosexual and has a steady partner…he gave interviews to Polish and Italian media. A Vatican spokesman said ‘he will certainly be unable to carry on teaching in the pontifical university’.”

So, you come out and you get the sack. He should have stayed in the closet, a liar and a hypocrite instead. Actually, I think I showed pretty conclusively in a previous blog post that Jesus was gay. Oh well!

P.S. I think I just found out the context of this article that might explain its timing. The week before I arrived in the West Indies, there was a debate in Trinidad’s democratically elected parliament where a gay MP was mockingly called a ‘princess’. A female Presbyterian pastor called in the press for a national debate on the issue, adding that she had no idea what her own church’s view was. If I pick up any more on this now I’m back in the UK I’ll publish it. (P.T. 19/10/15)


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