“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the unique Christian/atheist blog written by a retired science teacher from north London that doesn’t hesitate to criticize believers when it considers they are being stupid, but at the same time lavishes praise when it is deserved, which is quite often. I haven’t written anything on this site recently as I’ve been fully occupied with another blog which is being considered for publication; a very time consuming business. (Peter’s green tube My new blog on local street art ( seems to have got off to a good start as well. So a big “sorry” to that tiny hardcore of readers who subscribe to the automatic email notification system that WordPress runs, you’ve had a long wait.

In solidarity,

Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

“Let God’s Holy Water revive you!”

Some evangelicals are very gullible. A whole industry run by charlatans and hucksters has sadly grown up to meet their needs, to tell them of new needs they didn’t even know they had, and to exploit their ignorance. Even when they’re not ignorant they may want to believe so hard that they’ll swallow any nonsense put before them as long as it presented to them in the right way. Snake oil merchants love a sucker, and it seems they find Christians among the most credulous of their victims.

Here’s an example: water, yes common or garden H2O.

Did you know that according to certain so-called Christians there are half a million alternative types of water? Even scientists don’t know that. Apart from the heavy water isotope, I can’t think of any.

Did you know that “Christian water” can “energize you, your family, pets, flowers and plants”. I had better get some of that for my vegetable garden then, as my beans didn’t do well this year at all.

Did you know that all the water you drink should be “highly structured” and have a “good electrical charge”? What a load of rubbish. At no point in the two documents that have come into my possession is it implied that water can only be changed by adding stuff to it – known to every school child as solutes. That might make sense, but no, they appear to be talking about plain water, the solvent without any solutes added at all.

How do they get away with it when science has been a compulsory part of the British school curriculum for decades, if not centuries.

Don’t believe me? Let me quote from my two sources;

Do you drink enough fresh, purified, alkaline and structured or energized water….and are you free from indigestion and constipation?

Please don’t settle for just any water as research has shown that there are about 500,000 varieties of water! Make sure that the water you consume is: pathogen-free; EMR-free and NR-free; oxygen-rich; non-acidic; highly structured; thin enough to properly dissolve your food and nutritional supplements and then, thoroughly flush out the waste from your body; and finally that it has a good electric charge.” (i)

Your food and water prayer (part)

Dear Heavenly Father, please bless this water that I am about to consume, sanctifying it with the blood of Jesus Christ and infusing it with Your heavenly creative anointing power and healing virtue/energy, according to Your Promises in the Holy Bible, so that it brings life, strength, rejuvenation and restoration to my body [cells, blood, lymph, bodily fluids and vessels, bones, tissues, hormones and organs], in the name of Jesus Christ I pray, and I thank you LORD for this blessing now, AMEN.” (ii)

Waters Revived

We are here to help you restore the quality of your tap and bottled water back to the wellness level originally prescribed by GOD. Don’t settle for less than this Optimal Water (TM). Go to our website and purchase a unit that will vitalize your water and energize you, your family, pets, flowers and plants. Our principle aim is your vitality and longevity” (iii)

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is! It’s not science, it’s gobbledy gook, they’re simply out to get your money. If you believe this rubbish, you’ll believe anything, but then if you’re a fundamentalist you probably already do!


(I) “God’s healing guarantee” p.2 of leaflet produced by and from whom you can buy “devices that produce very high quality water.”

(ii) ditto p.4

(iii) advert in Mission To London brochure produced by the Morris Cerullo organisation, 2014


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