ZINGcreed is a new Christian-anarchist online magazine.

  • It takes nothing at face value, and questions all aspects of religion and life;
  • It maintains that respect for the church cannot be taken for granted but must be earned;
  • Like comrade Jesus, whose teachings it studies and often admires, it stands outside the tent pissing in….


  • Zingcreed‘s 500 posts/articles provide a valuable resource for those Christian activists looking for convergences between Christianity and all forms of socialism, including anarchism and communism;
  • Zingcreed stands alone in resurrecting the revolutionary teachings of Latin American Liberation Theology and applying them to our time; 
  • Zingcreed gains inspiration from the slimmed down teachings of the Historical Jesus as revealed by the Jesus Seminar (Respect!)

On it you can read biographies of radical Christians such as Muntzer, Weitling, and Torres; and Red Christian Documents such as the Magnificat, Dave Andrews’ commentary on the Beatitudes, the Quaker Peace Statement, plus Shane Claiborne,  Dorothy Day and Alex Christoyannopoulos.
Regular features include L.O.L., Dear Pope, Practical Christianity, London’s Homeless Speak, graffiti gallery, Christian Atrocities, humour, music and quizzes.  Read interviews with Christian anarchists Ciaron O’Reilly and Martin Newell.

  • The Zingcreed blog is now on the reading list of NYU’s politics dept and has had over 12000 hits during its brief life;
  • It is written by Peter Turner, a retired science teacher living in north London;
  • Access it online: Zingcreed.WordPress.com




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