[London street art]

“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the post-Christian blog that brings it all together: ethics, politics, and Christianity. Zingcreed doesn’t have all the answers, just a lot more questions! This is a personal blog in which one man keeps his notes in a public place for all to see instead of scribbling illegibly in notepads like he used to a few years ago! The kernel of this blog is in its manifesto; click on the link above. Astonishingly (to me) lots of folks have checked the site out (30 today already). Perhaps they’re just looking at the London Graffiti with which I now decorate each post!?
I hope you find Zingcreed interesting too.
In solidarity,

Peter Turner M.A., M.Sc.”


Britain’s anti-slavery commissioner, Detective Kevin Hyland, warns there are up to 13,000 potential victims of slavery in the UK. Children are being forced to work as pickpockets, thieves, beggars and prostitutes, just like Dickens described in the novel ‘Oliver Twist’. Yet, the justice system seems unable to cope as there were only 151 convictions last year! The problem is rife because the masters can reap huge profits on the backs of their victims. “In sexual exploitation, someone can make a million pounds a year out of 10 women.”

In the case of the “Romanian Cinderella”, a barefoot girl of 7 was rescued from a family who used her as an unpaid servant at their London home. In East Anglia, gangs of slaves are trafficked from Eastern Europe to work in the fields every summer.

The Archbishop of Canterbury is going to East Anglia soon. To free the slaves? You must be joking! He’s visiting the summer residence of the Royal Family at Sandringham to carry out the baptism of the new royal princess. That’s the real job of a churchman!

Metro 1/6/2015

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[London graffiti]



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