[london graffiti]

This is a summary of what has been achieved in the months since last November when I wrote the previous Review. It was post no. 404, and this is post 474, so that’s 70 posts since then, including 2 months when I had no contact with the internet, because I was camping in Asia.

The most viewed posts in the last three months

  1. Karl Marx’s personality
  2. How emperor Constantine corrupted Christianity
  3. On surviving the Alpha course
  4. Small, dark, ugly and illiterate – the real Jesus?
  5. Jesus’ dark side
  6. Naked Jesus – a cock and bull story
  7. Red Christians #1: Thomas Muntzer
  8. Jesus hates me this I know, for the bible tells me so
  9. Crimes of the bourgeoisie #4: Resources go to the rich
  10. No way, José (José Porfirio Miranda)
  11. Structural ‘sin’
  12. I accuse #10: CIA behind missionaries in Latin America

To read any of these, go via the Index on Zingcreed’s title page


Other events of note

  1. The maximum no. of ‘hits’ per day went up to 130
  2. US readers outnumber UK readers 3:1
  3. The total number of hits to date is 11,751, and this now appears on a counter on the title page
  4. WordPress commended Zingcreed for my holiday post “Back in Asia and loving it!”
  5. New readers include an African general and an American convent
  6. As most readers are outside Britain I have started to act as a ‘tourist guide’ (!) by including some of my collection of graffiti photos, to show you what  London is really like at street level
  7. I have finally traded in my 10 year old computer
  8. My new blog (Peter’s green tube walks.Wordpress.com) is taking up all my time, hence my productivity on this site is slowing down, plus the delightful experience of growing (nearly) all our own food is unbelievably time-consuming (I’m getting a good tan though!)
  9. New series of articles on Parables is very thought provoking, it’s based on a brilliant book by US Professor William Herzog
  10. Zingcreed’s motto remains “More Jesus, Less Christ, No God!”

As I haven’t accomplished what I set out to do six months ago, I’ll not add anything new to my ‘to do’ list.

I love you everybody!
In solidarity,

Peter Turner.

gold buddhas 019



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