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The world is running out of room to put its dead. This is particularly a problem if you believe that “from the earth we have come and to the earth shall we return.”
In Jerusalem, 20,000 new grave places are currently being created by mining tunnels into a mountain side. In Tel Aviv, however, this is  not an option. Some clever person decided it’s all a matter of perception. Perhaps they got the idea from George Orwell’s ‘1984’ (or was it Aldous Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’?) where people are brought to believe that Good is bad, and White is black. Similarly in Tel Aviv customers for underground burials are brought to believe the impossible: that a coffin space up in the air (i.e. in a tower block mausoleum) is actually under the ground! These guys could sell refrigerators to Inuit! It seems that if you have some earth in pipes built into the edifice then technically it’s underground, so people are queueing up to buy burial plots high above ground, happy in the delusion that they are really six feet under.
I find it mind boggling.


[london graffiti]

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