[london graffiti]

Dear Mr Bergoglio,
I hear you are moving to a greener position on environmental issues. This is good news, but make sure those climate-change -deniers who are coming from America to lobby you aren’t let in your door.
Trouble is, you look like you don’t care about your carbon footprint because you have your own private jet. Planes produce a lot of greenhouse gases, so your transport of choice will contribute to global warming.
Acting like the head of a major Trans National Corporation, which of course you are, as well as like a head of state, which you also are, puts you firmly in the 1% group that the Occupy movement were protesting about. 99% of us can’t afford planes. We are setting the example you should be following. Did you know Turkey’s leading Moslem cleric is demanding that the president of Turkey give him a jet too, “BECAUSE THE POPE’S  GOT ONE”!
What’s wrong with travelling on public planes or trains or buses? Are you afraid of rubbing shoulders with the hoi polloi?
By the way, I ran this idea past a few Catholics of my acquaintance, and none of them knew you had a private jet.
Are you trying to keep it a secret? After all, it’s your flock who are paying for it!

Hope you are well,
Peter Turner,



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