“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the blog that is looking for convergences between Christianity and socialism, amongst other things. CotL, in the mission statement I have copied here without permission, proposes 5 major links. Take them away with you and think about them. To many of us the Labour Party, under Christian Socialist Movement member Tony Blair, was sadly compromised after he took us to war in Iraq on the basis of the threat of non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction. The biggest mass anti-war demo Britain has ever seen was ignored by Blair, who was just a poodle of the Americans. I took part at the time with a placard reading “Not in my name!” All to no avail – public opinion counted for less than the wishes of President George Bush. Sanctions against Iraq alone cost over half a million lives of innocent civilians. Memories of this could be one of the reasons why Labour has just lost the general election here in Britain.
In solidarity,
Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

About Christians on the Left

Christians on the Left has five major roles:


CotL aims to be both a ‘prophetic conscience of the Labour Party and a prophetic voice to the churches’.

In the Bible, the prophet lives out a God given mandate to question, to challenge and ultimately bring the people back to the values and way of God.  Often the Old Testament prophets like Micah and Amos needed to address their words to issues of injustice.  CotL looks to these prophets for inspiration in asking questions of the Labour movement and issuing challenges to the church – that we are called to follow God by loving the poor, by defending the widow, the refugee and the orphan and by standing against injustice – large or small.



Central to CotL is prayer.  We meet regularly as a movement to pray, and encourage local branches to pray.

We recognise that activity alone will not do – that we need the daily miracles of God – in our own lives and in our nation and the world.  We hope to provide regular resources on this site to fuel your prayers.


Regular campaigns, such as a our recent focus on economics, aim to mobilise those on the Left to engage in key issues in our nation.  We hope CotL can champion causes of social justice which enable people young and
old, from whatever background – to act and make a difference, both as a national movement and in local branches.

We encourage you to join CotL and to get involved in a local branch to get the most out of these campaigns.

Our annual Tawney dialogue looks to inspire fresh thought and mobilise a generation to engage in issues of faith and politics. We create a relational funnel of   mentoring and advice to help folks not just shout from the outside, but to also get involved on the inside.


Our democracy works and grows through informed debate and involved people.  CotL aims to engage in political debate through resourcing and responding to issues of our time.  CotL contributes perspectives to the ongoing process of developing Labour Party policy.

We also look to provide resources which individuals and groups can use to develop their own thinking on issues.

Our website will publish articles, ideas and resources and offer an active place to be involved.  Our local branches offer a place to discuss issues locally and to impact local debates.


CotL aims to provide a space for those who God has called to, or those who find themselves in the Left of British politics.  Through meetings, branches and this website we want to provide a space for you to connect with others – both locally and nationally.

CotL also acts as a conduit for relationship building between the church and the Labour party, and other faiths, through initiatives such as the Faiths Taskforce and consultation.


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