“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the semi-religious blog that reaches parts other blogs can’t reach. One of Zingcreed’s ‘sidelines’ is to find and ridicule the nonsense spouted by Jesus’ followers today. Sadly there’s an unending stream of it coming from the evangelicals. Got any examples? send ’em in for publication! Good thing Jesus is (/was?) a forgiving sort of bloke. First, some more serious stuff:


For your diary, at least certainly for mine: “Apocalypse Now” European Christian Anarchist Conference, co-organised by The Catholic Worker, and A Pinch of Salt. The Catholic Worker Farm, Rickmansworth, 10th – 12th July 2015. That’s outside London. More info from londoncatholicworker@yahoo.co.uk. (I went to their 5th birthday party a couple of weeks ago. A great time was had by all, even though they’ve switched to a no alcohol policy! )

Got a shock at Monday’s Quaker Quest a month back. The 3 speakers (just ordinary Quakers, they have no hierarchy or party line to pedal) covered the topic of God. One of them could have been me speaking – it was uncanny how close this person came to voicing my Christian-atheist beliefs (See the index on the title page to find my Posts on this topic). It says a lot for the Friends’ tolerance that they allow non-theists to remain as members and even speak to the public expressing these views. I was impressed.

Believe it or not, today’s ‘Asinine nonsense’ was experienced by me as a kid.
Hope you like the London graffiti I am introducing,
In solidarity,
Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”


[London street art]

It was commonly believed in England when I was a kid that asses had a cross on their backs (yes, they do!) because….wait for it ……because Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey! What do you make of that? Talk about filling kids’ heads with nonsense. Fortunately this unscientific rubbish didn’t make us all credulous superstitious fundamentalists, along with legends of robins getting red breasts because drops of Christ’s blood fell on them from the cross. We just filed it away with fairy tales and father Christmas, and became more cynical about  all the other church teachings which our elders and betters told us we had to believe. We must all sift and winnow and not throw out the baby with the bath water.


[hertford street art]




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