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God, no! Christ – a human creation; only Jesus!

“A warm welcome from Peter Turner, the writer of this blog, which sits on the Christian/atheist fence quite comfortably. If you’ve encountered this blog before, you’ll know it has more questions than answers, and is prepared to consider every side of a question. Today, in spite of making the case that Jesus was all for the poor and hungry, I’d also like to briefly consider the possibility that he himself was comfortably off.”
When Jesus met “a man who had great wealth” (Mk 10:22), “Jesus looked at him and loved him.” (Mk 10:21). On another occasion, Jesus dines with a rich Pharisee ( ); so he was probably not an advocate of violent class warfare!
A few commentators have even suggested that Jesus himself was well off, using as evidence the relatively large size of fishermen’s houses in Capernaum where Jesus may have dwelt; plus there’s a reference to a tunic made out of a single piece of cloth, which would be relatively expensive. (No references available yet).

I think one can have solidarity with the oppressed without being oppressed oneself.

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