From “Whacko Jacko” in my last ‘Idle thoughts’ to “Waco Texas”in this one, although to many the former spelling might still seem appropriate!

Just as Jesus founded a sect (Christianity) from within John the Baptist’s Jewish sect, so David Koreshi founded the Branch Davidian sect within  the SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) sect. Koreshi taught his followers holed up in a group of buildings in Waco that he was the second coming of Jesus. Sadly his gullible groupies believed him, and when the cops came knocking they were met with gunfire. The feds fired back, a seige ensued, a fire broke out, women and children died. David Koreshi perished in the inferno too.

Now just imagine for a moment that Koreshi’s followers were right – that he really was the second coming of Jesus!
That would mean that the FBI killed Jesus! We will never know!

[423, t&c]


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