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At Quaker Quest in London today, I asked David, one of the speakers at the meeting, to tell me about his recent visit to Palestine.
I think this will take you beyond the press headlines down to the nitty gritty of what it’s like to live in an occupied country.
In solidarity,
Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

Quaker witness in Palestine

“I went to pick olives for 2 weeks, under the watchful eye of the IDF (Israeli Defence Force) and the Israeli settlers who lived nearby. The grove of olives was privately owned by a Palestinian farmer. We paid for our accommodation which was in a simple flat in the village. I slept on a thin mattress on a hard tiled floor. This was my third visit. Things have been worse each time I’ve been.

The IDF has been more brutal, more arrogant and more insolent each time. There is more persecution of the farmers who own the land, and it really breaks your heart to see how the soldiers behave. We were forced to work while they stood over us with their guns. I felt very angry and hurt by it all.

The settlers, whom we spoke to, at the nearby settlement have allowed their raw sewage to run through the olive grove, which is someone else’s property. Settlers have also burned down over 1000 trees in a year! It takes 30 years for an olive tree to come to fruit, and when they are destroyed like this, they still have hundreds of years life left in them. One tree I picked from was over 2000 years old, maybe Jesus picked olives from it!

I am motivated to keep returning to Palestine by the Arabs’ gratitude to us. Even villagers I couldn’t remember from the previous year came up and shook me by the hand. In a sense we are these Palestinians’ link with the outside world because they are restricted in how far they can travel. Above all you must be compassionate. Showing compassion not only for the villagers but for the other side as well.”

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