This Post follows on directly from the recent Post: ‘Post-Christendom, a time for celebration?’

“Just Jesus, Clear of Christ, Dropping God!”

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Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.”

The coming of post-Christendom, offers the churches an opportunity to repent of their associations with power and privilege and to recover our calling to follow Jesus in becoming good news to the poor, powerless and persecuted:

  • Rather than the ‘top-down’ strategies of Christendom, scripture reveals the ‘bottom-up’ approach that  characterises God’s mission. A marginal church can return to its roots.
  • A minority church can become prophetic again, envisioning what society will be like when the kingdom is fully present, instead of having everything invested in the status quo.
  • The post-Christendom church can develop counter-cultural reflexes on issues where we have compromised and colluded. A church in exile can see more clearly than one that is settled and secure.
  • A church without privileges  can better appreciate how the poor, powerless, and persecuted feel and can pursue justice for all instead of of simply serving its own self-interest.
  • In the Christendom era the church invested enormous energy in exercising social and religious control, persecuting dissidents, and imposing its will on the poor and the powerless. Now the church can instead invest all its energies in living out the gospel in ways that really are good news to the poor and inviting others to follow the One who inspires such ways of living.

Murray, Stuart “The naked Anabaptist. The bare essentials of a radical faith” Paternoster (2011)

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