“A warm welcome to Zingcreed, the religious blog with a difference – it isn’t religious. Because the person that writes it isn’t religious either. Our manifesto is summed up in the slogan: “More Jesus, Less Christ, No God!”
In solidarity.”
Peter Turner, M. A., M.Sc.

When a well-meaning local minister sent me a copy of Rick Warren’s best-seller “The purpose driven life”, I had a quick skim, vomited, and posted it back to him with the message written on the package “Return to sender – unsolicited advertising material”.

I don’t care if the book has sold 30 million copies.
I don’t care if it’s on the New York Times best seller list.
I don’t care if the author runs the eighth biggest church in America.
I don’t care if he’s been bosom buddies with both Bush and Obama.

There is no God, and he certainly hasn’t got a divine plan for everyone that  we can find out by joining our local nest of fundamentalists.
How can filling our heads with religious fog lead to clarity of vision?
How can believing in 10 impossible things before breakfast lead to a better life?
How can being homophobic, or against women’s rights, make the world a happier place?
How can intellectual dishonesty give us a clearer conscience?

To quote Canadian minister, Dr David Galston, “Is it not presumptuous , and even an act of hubris, to hold the idea that the universe has an intentional promise for humanity? Intention in the universe is most likely a projection of the human ego onto the horizon. In other words, that God intentionally aims the universe to a great fulfillment is a human story. It is a fiction that arises from our ancestors and from our general need to survive. The trouble is that in our time it is no longer a tenable picture of the universe, and on a psychological level such a belief does not allow a realistic confrontation with our human responsibility for the course of history.”

Presumptuous: “venturing beyond what one has ground for, acting forwardly or without proper right”.

Hubris:  “overweening insolence, arrogance, such as invites disaster”.

Galston, D. “Embracing the human Jesus” Polebridge (2012) p. 182
Chambers twentieth century dictionary (1975)

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