Zingcreed says “More Jesus, Less Christ, No God!”

That’s the motto of the Zingcreed Temporary Autonomous Zone.

Now here’s the anthem!
(Copyright Joseph Arthur. It’s got excellent lyrics that express the Zingcreed philosophy perfectly [except that we’d use the name Jesus rather than Christ, but then it would lose the rhythm. Perhaps ‘Jeez’?] and a driving tune that’s easy to sing along to. Catch it on Spotify on the double album of the same name. Sing it in church, and get the sack!)

The Ballad of boogie Christ

by Joseph Arthur

Christ would wear cowboy boots, Christ would have sex,
Christ would eat pizza and cut blackjack debts;

Christ would be sober, but Christ would be fun,
Christ would get over on those trying to run;

Christ would love hip-hop, metal and soul,
Christ would bring chaos the breadth of control;

Christ would be rocking, Christ would be free,
He’d say there’s no difference between you and me;

(Chorus) This is the ballad of the boogie Christ,
Toss my salad and feed me your rice;

Christ baked potato and Christ chewing gum,
Christ without pathos, saying ‘yum yum’;

Christ in the middle like the monkey with balls,
Christ picking up when euphoria calls;

‘Hello there, dear father’, ‘Hello there my son’,
‘How have you been?’, ‘Well, I gotta run’;

‘OK, I love you, see you real soon’,
‘Maybe September, maybe next June’;

(chorus) This is the ballad of the boogie Christ,
Toss my salad and throw wedding rice;

Christ would be careful, Christ would be brave,
But he would never be anyone’s slave;

Christ is here now and Christ is beyond,
Christ would watch ‘Rocky’ and ‘On Golden Pond’;

Christ would relax and Christ would get mad,
Christ would help answer if judgement was bad;

‘No’ and then ‘yes’, and ‘yes’ and then ‘no’,
Nothing is easy but it’s simple to glow;

Just walk away from fear and deceit,
Never surrender but never compete;

Cheer for your brother, your rival, your friends,
And help survival to feed you again (?);


Give to me freely,all that you can,
Help show the weary what it is to be man;

Christ would be handsome, Christ would be gross,
Christ would buy butter and make you some toast;

Christ would be savage, but Christ would be true,
Say that you want him, then look inside you;
Christ would be savage, but Christ would be true,
Say that you want him , then just look in you.


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[381, i&l, t&c]


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