It’s great living in North London: I’ve lived in Tottenham, home of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, for nigh on 40 years now. I’ve seen many different waves of immigrants settle here, often following war in their home countries. Some want to get back, others can’t go.
West Green Road used to be predominantly West Indian in nature, and as my partner is from the Caribbean, we would shop for ‘ground provisions’ (sweet potatoes and yams ) there, and plantains, coconuts, and dasheen leaves for making callaloo. Although the food shops haven’t changed much, you are more likely to meet a Ghanaian than a Jamaican or Barbadian there these days.

They sell West African fish from the backs of vans, and posters go up advertising their church services. I must confess  I haven’t yet been to an African church. Judging by how well dressed the congregations are (those starched turbans and puff-sleeved dresses the women wear are an amazing sight) – I would feel rather shabby in comparison! Posters appear showing smiling pastors in Armani suits and silk ties; their wives also feature in expensive attire. “Come to the Deliverance tabernacle!” “It’s Super Sunday, every Sunday at Mount Zion.”

One ad that stopped me in my tracks was “No Ringy, No Dingy! The House of Judah welcomes you to this years Singles Conference.” This event features 3 speakers, all with the same surname, (looks like a bit of Mom and Pop private enterprise to me), 6 musical artistes, and covers such topics as Questions to ask before saying ‘I do’, Planning your financial future, and Overcoming the challenges of single parenthood. Sounds relevant and useful.

Meanwhile, ‘God’s General’ calls the faithful to a Tent of Testimonies  in a trading estate every Saturday night to join in Prayer, Healing, Deliverance, Impartation, (what’s that?), Anointing, Breakthrough and Prophecy. Wow! All that? The service must last for hours!

The photo shows him in full military uniform, rows of medals pinned to his khaki shirt, microphone in hand.He apparently runs the Kingdom of God Ministries from his Prayer, Command and Control Centre, UK. His message is ‘The Enemy must say Yes.’ God’s General is also known as Apostle Kaye and he is from Accra.
Perhaps it’s time to dig out some smart threads…

One thing is guaranteed – if I do go, there’ll be a Zingcreed Post about it!

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