The former Shell oil executive, who somehow transmogrified into the AB of C, doubts God’s existence! Evidence that he is coming round to Zincreed‘s way of thinking on this matter was evident from his speech in Bristol this week. (19/9/14 to be precise)
Justin Oilwellby  Welby said he asks himself “Is there a God?” and “Where is God?”
He added “I was praying over something as I was running and I ended up saying to God ‘Look, this is all very well, but isn’t it about time you did something – if you’re there!”
Also “I love Psalm 88; that’s full of doubts.” (All the psalms are full of doubt, mate, and paranoia too!)

Brilliant! The dear man is being honest! Of course the backlash will be considerable, at least in church circles. As head of the Anglican communion he knows this is a PR disaster.
I say he is showing he wasn’t just made CEO of the C. of E. because of his administrative skills: he has a spiritual side too, and actually thinks about his institution’s core values.
Quite unusual for a Bishop, even more unusual for an Archbishop!

Drop me a line, Mr Welby, and I will be glad to tell you what Zingcreed stands for. I think you will be really interested in the Zingcreed Manifesto and the Zingcreed Pledge.

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