I heard a radio preacher laughed as he described to a colleague on air his little boy’s reaction to a particular sound. Being a good evangelical parent, he had told his child of the coming end-times, the eschaton, when everything will be destroyed as the trumpets sound and Christ comes again in glory.

Now, when he hears any sound like a trumpet – such as the horns on big trucks – the boy panics and turns to his dad and asks him if the world is going to end now!

Traumatising the poor kid for nothing. And then joking about it on the radio. I call it psychological child abuse. Call in the NSPCC. I hope the kid grows up an atheist!

(Only this week, a woman was slowly starting to get better, having been traumatised by seeing the film The Exorcist when she was a child in the 1970s and having had nightmares about it ever since.)

Yes, some people out there are gullible enough to fall for all this biblical crap: it’s our job to help them clear the fog of religion from their minds!
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