Violence and injustice crucify Jesus today

“Christ died for our sins” (1 Cor. 15:3)

“Whatever we do to the least of these you do to me” – Jesus (Matthew 25:40)

Today is Good Friday when we remember that Jesus was crucified, suffered and died to show God’s love for us.
We believe that Christ continues to be condemned and crucified today in those who suffer, as a result of:

  • The Arms Trade which crucifies the poor
  • Climate change which crucifies creation
  • War which crucifies the innocent
  • Torture which is a form of crucifixion
  • Nuclear weapons which threaten to destroy the earth
  • International debt which is like the burden of the cross for the poor
  • Homelessness which reveals the ragged face of the crucified Christ
  • Immigration policy  which condemns innocent people fleeing persecution, poverty and violence

Copy of a leaflet produced by the London Catholic Worker movement for distributing at Easter when they picketed all London’s military buildings (like the Min. of Defence, the HQ of some arms companies, Downing St, etc.) in their version of the Stations of the Cross. A group of about 30 of us (yes, I was proud to be among their number) spent about 2 hours doing this as a protest against British government policy. Some carried crucifixes and large pictures of Jesus.

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