Dear Mr Bergoglio,
The trouble with you is

  • You’re old: there are enough boring old farts running our world already;
  • You’re white:  the skin colour of the planet’s rich folk – the capitalists,  the beneficiaries of a colonial past, the exploiters, the oppressors;
  • You’re male: like all your predecessors in the post, going back to St Peter, just a coincidence perhaps…
  • You’re from the middle class: a bureaucrat, an administrator, a mediocrity with good manners, living a safe life with a nice pension at the end, if you take retirement….
  • You’re (supposed to be) heterosexual: so that’s another persecuted minority, the gays, you’ll have trouble identifying with;
  • You’re celibate: so you have no first hand experience of parenthood and child rearing  – of course that doesn’t stop you telling couples what to do, in bed and out;
  • You’re rich: a millionaire I hear, you own a bank, you own a little country. How about giving me a few shekels – I need a printer for my computer!
  • You wear robes – are you meant to be a roman emperor or a woman? Please remind me, I get confused easily.

If people want to love you, it should be inspite of what you are, not because of it.

I, for one, won’t take the Vatican seriously until you elect a handicapped black working class lesbian as pope.


Peter Turner, M.A., M.Sc.

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